What We Do

* Strategize

* Organize

* Optimize

Professional organizer for homes, home offices and small businesses. Not just declutter but actually organize and optimize space for more efficiency and productivity. Whether it be in your kitchen, garage, office or business, I will enhance your working area for an easy flow and resituate items in an easy to locate manner. I also advise and help in most other areas from office filing to small warehouse efficiency. Whatever your needs may be, I will be glad to accommodate.

Once the process commences, I will begin sorting and arranging. I will sort piles to be disposed of, but will not dispose of anything. Other items will be organized and placed in convenient locations. Recommendations will be made to purchase  shelving, storage drawers, racks etc. I will use my analytical skills to optimize within the limited confinements of space and storage equipment, but you will have final say. All items to be disposed of will be approved by you and disposed of by you unless other arrangements are made.

How We Do It

I will arrive at your home or office and discuss your objectives for about 30 minutes at no cost to you. Once I understand your objectives, you can book time to implement a plan and begin the process of organization and optimization. You can participate in the implementation or leave it all to me. Booking time is in 3 hour blocks at $135/3hr block.  You may choose as many blocks as you want or just one at a time.

Contractor: Dr. Ritch Bloom


Phone: (781) 828-5737

Fax:  (781) 821-0494

E/M: Dr.RitchBloom@gmail.com